What lottery in the world lets you win the most for the least amount of winning numbers?

Question by Trina Sampkins: What lottery in the world lets you win the most for the least amount of winning numbers?
For example in England if you get 7 lottery numbers you would get millions but the odds of any individual person getting all 7 numbers in a row are very tiny.

What lottery’s like maybe in America lets you win the most amount for a less amount of winning numbers? say 5 or less perhaps for a million or few hundred thousand.

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Answer by Infinite ain’t beyond!
Fantasy 5 in Calif. Choose 5 numbers 1-39 to win! www.calottery.com
Then they have the daily derby choose 3 horses outta of 11 I think then get the time right.

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  1. All the lotteries have terrible probabilities. With the pick 3 you have a 1 in 1,000 chance of winning $ 500. Many of the larger scratch lotteries will have a 1 in 6 million chance of winning a million. If you look at the charter for say the Texas Lottery, they target a 50% payback but the payback on the draw games are really low, typically 10% to 30% depending on how big the jackpot is and the payback on the scratch lotteries are typically 60% to 70%. You’ll do better with a Las Vegas slot machine which is typically in the high 90’s. In the UK, there are lottery bonds, I believe they call them premium bonds, basically the coupons are draws in lotteries and the face value is still redeemable so it’s kind of like getting the price of your lottery ticket back when you lose.

  2. I supose a purest would say there are some games that return a slightly higher percentage of the take in prizes within the same size. Beyond that the games follow a fairly strick ratio of game size/odds versus prize size. Lower odds, smaller prize. Of course rollovers change everything, where at least for a draw or two the lower odds game can have the prize of a larger game. Better to look for a game you like with odds you can win, any jackpot is better then no jackpot.

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