Q&A: Psychic Wins LOTTERY?

Question by Jes™: Psychic Wins LOTTERY?
Why don’t you ever see the headline Psychic Wins Lottery?

If there really are Psychic’s out there then why
haven’t they predicted the lottery numbers?


Best answer:

Answer by Tala Valkov (SM Standard)
Lottery numbers are not living beings………..they have no Aura to enchant the Psychik

Btw- I am not Psychik!

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Psychic Wins LOTTERY?”

  1. Maybe if there are psychics out there, they don’t want to use their powers for cheating.

  2. United I Stand Alone Reply June 12, 2014 at 6:05 am

    because they have better things to do than win lotteries such as scamming people, psychics make more money off of scams than they do the lottery

    at least that’s my theory

  3. true true.
    they say they dont want to use their powers for the wrong reasons.
    yeh yeh. WHAT POWERS.

  4. Because it goes against their international code of ethics.

    Ripping people off using a 1-900 number is more ethical.

  5. because nobody can really predict the future

  6. Yes, Very Strange…!!

  7. Because the lottery must be actively anti-psychic …

    … given the number of people who win the various lotteries around the world every year (there are big wins every week in some country or other) … and given there’s a lot of people who claim to be psychic then either

    a) Psychics don’t play the lottery because it would be ethically wrong
    b) Psychics win the lottery and don’t tell anyone so they can win again next week
    c) The newspapers refuse to run that story (highly unlikely!)
    d) the rules of the universe make sure that if you are a psychic that your odds of winning drop to zero. So it is actively causing psychics to lose!

  8. Yes,It is a strange thing.

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